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[문화]'Money's War' art auction is the best?



A total of 27 billion won masterpieces including world masterpieces such as Andy Warhol and Cecilia Brown will be exhibited at the Hong Kong auction.

In Korea, artist Park Soo-keun's works are on the auction, and they are aiming to renew the best artist in 11 years.

It is introduced by Park Seok Kyung.


It is a self-portrait created by Andy Warhol, a pioneer of American pop art, just before he left the world.

The auction estimates of this work, which contrasts with the black background and the expressionless face of the fluorescent color, are 2.3 billion to 3.6 billion won.

Among the works produced over the last 20 years, Cecilia Brown 's main work, "Pizzaman Games," the female artist who had the highest turnover last year, came back to the art market in 11 years.

This work, with a mixture of red and pink paints, created an intense figure of 4.3 billion to 7 billion won.

SEOUL AUCTION holds 54 works including works by world-renowned writers and Korean contemporary masters at the Hong Kong auction held on the 25th.

It is estimated that the auction price will reach at least 27 billion won.

[정태희 / 서울옥션 미술품경매팀 책임 : 해외 작가의 작품들이 주목해 볼만 한데요. 루이스 부르주아, 세실리 브라운, 로이 리히텐슈타인 등 국내에서 만나기 어려웠던 해외 작가들의 명작들을 만나볼 수 있습니다.]

Western paintings representing Korea are Park, Su – Geun.

His work, "People in the Market," with his unique texture, also goes on hunting for the best record of the artist on 21st in Seoul.

It is noteworthy whether it will be able to exceed the "laundry room" which was awarded to 4.52 billion won in 2007.

In addition to this, the best works of Korean art auction,

Lee Uhwan, and Park Seo-bo's monochrome.

[손이천 / K옥션 수석경매사 : (지금은) 김환기의 전성시대라고 할 수 있는데요. 그 와중에, 박수근의 작품이 11년 만에 작가 최고가를 경신할 수 있을지 주목이….]

There is a lot of interest in how much the wallet of the art world's big hands will open, the final bid price of the masterpieces both in Korea and abroad, and the record update.

YTN is Park Jae Kyung.

■ Seoul Auction – The 27th Hong Kong Auction On November 25, 4:30 pm (local time), the Hong Kong Central HQ Queens Building

– Entry Preview November 9 ~ 18 Seoul Auction in Pyeongchang-dong, Seoul

■ 'K Auction – November Major Auction' November 21 at 4 pm, Kangnam-gu, Seoul,

– Entry Preview November 10 ~ 21, Gangnam-gu, Sinsa-dong K Auction)

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