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[단독]Supply is insufficient … Two redevelopment and reconstruction zones are designated in Seoul this year

There are only two redevelopment and reconstruction sites newly designated by Seoul City this year. Panoramic view of Yeoksam 4th district in Jeungsan-dong, Eunpyeong-gu, Seoul. Photo = Jincheon 4 District Redevelopment Association Establishment Committee
[이데일리 김기덕 기자] There are only two redevelopment and reconstruction sites designated by the Seoul Metropolitan Government this year. It is the lowest level ever since Park Won-soon, the mayor of Seoul, who has been pursuing urban renewal rather than large-scale development and has been steadily implementing the new town development and redevelopment strategy. On the other hand, the number of maintenance areas has been rapidly increased since the amendment of the ordinance in 2016 to allow the maintenance area to be released without Seoul residents' consent. Experts point out that the supply of long-term housing in Seoul, which is actually dependent on home improvement projects such as redevelopment and reconstruction, is inevitable.

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◇ 5 times the new designation of the area release in the last 6 yearsAccording to an analysis by Seoul Daily of the data obtained by the Seoul Metropolitan Police Peace Party member of the National Land Transportation Committee of the National Assembly, the number of newly designated maintenance areas decreased by 90% compared to last year. This is a remarkable decrease compared to 12 places in 2013, 17 places in 2014, 12 places in 2015, 7 places in 2016,

On the other hand, a total of 361 maintenance areas have been lifted from 2013 to November this year. It is more than five times the number of newly designated maintenance workplaces (70) in the same period. Considering 80% dependence on maintenance projects in supplying apartments in Seoul, it is pointed out that a vicious cycle of 'delayed maintenance' → a decrease in new housing demand → house prices will continue.

According to the 'Urban and Residential Environment Improvement Act', which covers the dismantling of maintenance areas, the redevelopment and reconstruction project is delayed (the landowners are appointed to establish the union within 3 years after the designation of the maintenance area, Extinct), it can be automatically released upon sunset application. In addition, if more than one-third of the landowners request the cancellation, the mayor of the provincial governor may conduct a resident opinion survey, and if the number of the pro-business is less than 50%

In particular, since the Seoul Metropolitan Government revised the ordinance so that it could significantly strengthen its authority to revoke Seoul mayoral right in April 2016, Land, etc. If the excessive burden of the owner is expected or it is recognized that the designated purpose can not be achieved due to the situation of the maintenance (planned) zone, it is possible to cancel the designation without the consent of the resident. Last year, after the amendment of the ordinance, there were 51 business offices (23 redevelopment projects and 28 reconstruction projects). This is twice as many as the previous year (26 places).

An industry official said, "Due to the delay in maintenance work due to the absence of the chairperson and the need to preserve historical and cultural values, I know that it was burdensome for me to designate a new company in a situation where hundreds of business sites have been lifted over the years, "he said.

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◇ "30% agree to release … I can swing a few "In the workplace where the maintenance area has already been revoked, dissatisfaction of the residents is coming out. It is argued that the requirement for the landlord's permission rate is too low and that the deadline for the automatic cancellation of the maintenance area is taking a toll on the business. It is a position that some companies will not file lawsuits.

The representative business place is the 14 redevelopment zones in Jeongeup New Town in Seongbuk-gu. The 14th district, which is the largest of all Newtown business districts, decided to push the business again by attaching a resident ' However, the districts of 8, 9, 11, and 15, where the maintenance area was decided to be released, filed a lawsuit against Seongbuk-gu and Seoul City for dismissal of their authority. A related commissioner said, "We know that a lot of consent forms have been submitted that we have not agreed or disagreed with regarding the cancellation of the zone," he said. "We are in the process of reaffirming it."

The 4th district redevelopment committee of the Jeonsan-dong Eunpyeong-gu, Yeongpyeong-gu also submitted a petition to the city asking for resumption of the project that was in the process of the designation for the suspension of the designation last month. This area was established in August 2014, but the two did not apply for permission to establish a union in two years, so the district was in crisis. Search and Increase The city has the largest size among the nine maintenance areas in Newtown, so it has taken a long time to fill the approval rate (75%). An official from the commission said, "Currently, the approval rate of the association is 73%, so it is expected to meet the standards soon."

The reconstruction workplace is also challenging. In August, the Songpa-dong 100 reconstruction facility in Songpa-gu, Songpa-gu, was renovated after two years had elapsed since the formation of the union management committee. "We have already submitted documents with approval rate of 50% or more for the extension of the sunset period, but refused to do so because the city did not meet the 75% requirement." I do not know. "

"The 30 percent approval rate for the cancellation of the maintenance business tends to be overwhelmed by the voices of those who have some objections," said Professor Kwon Daejung, a professor at the Department of Real Estate at Myongji University. "This is because the housing supply and demand (supply and demand) It is necessary to develop only a part of the maintenance area or apply the standard itself flexibly. "

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