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[단독]"North Korea talks about Pompeii … Persuade Trump not to hurry "


Andrew Kim-Green "White House Subtle Airflow"

There is a subtle flow of air inside and outside the administration of Donald Trump for the second summit of the North-US summit. Vice President Mike Fence and White House National Security Adviser John Bolton have told the media that the North Korea-US summit will take place in January, but Secretary of State Mike Pompei is expected to reschedule the talks.

According to a number of diplomatic sources on Monday, the chairman of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Korea Mission Center, considered to be the closest neighbor to Pompeii, told his friends last week, "Pompei Oh, unlike the first North- "If we do not accept the US demand for nuclear and missile facilities at high-level talks (scheduled for the end of this month), we are convincing President Trump that we should not make any progress without denuclearization," he said. It is likely to be readjusted. "

"I do not feel excited about President Trump's summit," he said in a telephone conversation. "Pompei said that the outcome of the summit should be preceded by concrete (denuclearization) results. "And that" the possibility of holding the second round of the North-US summit is half of that, "he said.

He also said, "In addition to Pompeii, Stephen Vegan is a special delegate to the North Korea policy, and Mark Lambert, deputy assistant secretary of state for East Asia and the Pacific.

As the Democratic Party seized control of the House of Representatives with the midterm elections, it is a strategy to beat and cross the streets to prevent the "empty-handed" debate as it did during the first summit.

The United States is said to have a strong suspicion that North Korea is postponing the talks between the Special Representative on North Korea's North Korea policy and the inauguration of Choi Sun-hee. A source in Washington said, "At the working-level talks, a concrete denuclearization road map and corresponding measures should be discussed. The Trump administration sees the fact that Kim Jong-un avoiding the working-level talks he promised to Minister Pompeii is weak on the denuclearization intentions. "He said.

The Trump administration has announced additional sanctions against North Korea, as reflected in such strong airs. The US Treasury Department has designated South African national Bladelen Amchtenchev as a sanction on charges of providing help with North Korea's oil imports. Treasury Secretary Steven Mansushin stressed that "as a promise of final and fully substantiated denuclearization (FFVD), the Treasury will continue to enforce and implement sanctions against any actors who are trying to help deceitful practices in the regime." The move comes about 10 days ahead of the high-level talks, and it is interpreted as a reaffirmation of the US strong commitment to sanctions against North Korea.

The two countries held their first working group meeting at the Washington State Office building on the afternoon of the 20th. Lee Doo-hoon, head of the Korean Peninsula Peace Coordination Division, who visited Washington for a working group meeting, met with South Korean correspondents at Dulles Airport the day before, saying, "The working group has systematized the negotiations that the two sides have done so far, "He said." It is not a system that one side insists on one side to unilaterally impose on the other. " It will be an official communication channel to discuss all related topics to reduce misunderstandings and noise between the US and South Korea. Meanwhile, the US House of Representatives issued a resolution saying that the US-ROK alliance should be maintained to ensure security and peace regardless of the outcome of negotiations with North Korea, according to VOA.

"The United States and South Korea must work together to continue to push North Korea to the economic and financial pressures needed to help end North Korea's nuclear and missile programs," said Ed Lois, chairman of the Republican Party's House Foreign Affairs Committee, "He added," Regardless of the outcome of the (denuclearization) negotiations, we must persevere in aggression to preserve peace and protect the prosperity created by the two nations. "

Washington = Park Jeong-hun [email protected] … Kim Jung-an correspondent

[단독]"North Korea talks about Pompeii ... Persuade Trump not to hurry "
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