Tuesday , January 31 2023

[날씨] Cloudy over the country, rain in the southern part … Cool even during the day / YTN – YTN -news


  1. [날씨] Cloudy over the country and rain in the south … cool even during the day / YTNYTN news
  2. Monday (11th) weather, Gyeonggi and Gangwon share 10 degrees below … cloudy and rainy in the morningWIKITREE
  3. Surfboards in the fall … ‘Daegu 31.8 degrees’ hottest October ever / SBSSBS News
  4. [날씨] It’s cold in the autumn train … Rain until tomorrow in the south centerJTBC
  5. [날씨] Morning over the whole country rain … Morning cold, even sunshine in the middle of the day / YTNYTN news
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