Saturday , February 4 2023

[날씨] A cold wind is blowing from this afternoon, and the temperature is ‘too hot’ … Sunday sub-zero cold / YTN – YTN news


  1. [날씨] Cold wind blows from this afternoon and the temperature ‘drops’ … Sunday sub-zero cold / YTNYTN news
  2. ‘Surprisingly cold wave’ mid-October … Why did the early cold come?JTBC
  3. [날씨] Most of the country … It gets really cold in ‘Seoul 1 degree’ on the weekend / SBSSBS News
  4. “It’s a big deal … Do not make as many appointments with friends as possible this Sunday (17th)” (+ reason)WIKITREE
  5. [자막뉴스] Cold Gulf Warning in October? Surprising Sunday temperatures / YTNYTN news
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