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[김광일의 입] Kim Jung-eun can not come to Seoul every year –

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Kim Jong-un, Secretary of State of North Korea, will come to Seoul.
As President Moon Jae says, Kim Jong Eun will come to Seoul each year?
In 2018 this year is a month away. If Kim Jong Eun has to come to Seoul, it must be decided on a specific date, route, transport, housing, meeting place and agenda.
No one is yet known.

What if Kim Jong Eun comes to Seoul? Comes with ginseng or dodeca. Or is it a symbolic measure of claim that the # 39 comes with a core? If not, what would be the meaning of Kim Jong Eun's answer?
Just like China, the Dandong station shook, would the Korean government even have a big screen on the Seoul airport?

Cheong Wa Dae has finally said Kim Jong Eun's visit to Seoul this year can be difficult.
Cheong Wa Dae is also using the fluid expression method. Kim Jung Eun can not come, but there is a possibility he does not come. It's like talking about a home, like a river.
President Moon must first explain this situation.
As President Kim confirmed his visit to Seoul after his visit to Pyongyang in September, President Moon told people to explain why Kim Jong Eun is missing.

Taeyoung Ho, a former North Korean officer in Britain, said, "It will be deep inside of North Korea." "Perhaps North Korea can face Kim Jong Eun in the downtown area," he said.
Taeyoung Corporation keeps its core. "The greatest concern for North Koreans is that Kim Jong Eun South Korea attempts to meet Kim Jong Eun as president Moon Jae-in Pyongyang to guarantee balance. heavy to expect such a thing in a variety of Korean society ".
It means that the "highest worthiness" that she seeks to Seoul, the home of hostile forces, sees the misery in North, unless they are welcome.
Taeyoung Corporation believes that when Kim Jong Eun comes to Korea, he / she will be choosing to go directly to Jeju Island or Seoul.

When Kim Young Sung Kim Il Sung began in 1990, Kim Il-sung wanted to come to Seoul, but the driver of # 39; The Labor Party was dry. However, Kim Il Sung said, "The South Korea country will lend me."
When Kim Dae Jung's son Kim Jong Il invited in 2000, Kim Jong Il, "I am a fool."

How does Kim Jong Eun come out? Kim Jong-eun, his wife Lee Sul-joo, her sister Kim Ji-jung, wants to go to Seoul, but especially her sister Kim Il-jung can visit Kim Jong-eun to try Seoul in this way, but other trees like Baekdu Lee Yong-Ho Kim Chang-seon, general secretary This is an analysis that these people with Kim Jeong-eun participate in Seoul.

When Kim Jung's car crashes through Central Seoul, citizens of Seoul can not guarantee that the stone will shake and the stone will flutter. When Kim Jong Eun comes to Seoul and the center of shame is once, the Pyongyang assistant can not make the right affair, so he will visit Kim Jung Eun's visit to Seoul.

Kim Jung-eun analyzes the problem of how to trump and US North rallies begin January 2019, and whether the agenda for the meeting of Seoul was not at the office.
Still, there are some people in Seoul that Kim Jong Eun made a great person, "great man," and made an "acquaintance widow". They praised "Kim Jong Eun is a modest, brushing, decent, well-honored, talented leader." These people also called: "I love a communist party."

Therefore, the right future law Lee Joon-joo said to them: "We have to get North Korea to go to North Korea." "We do not have to return to South Korea again." "Do not let us passport."
On the other hand, the Patriotic Party of Korea is again featured by Kim Jong – Un – arrested command 's. The design number is 1,000, and from 19 to 50 years, "the great enemy Kim Jong Eun wants all Korean people to try the war against the Korean war." I even say that I prefer preference to musicians.

In this situation, Kim Jong Eun puts in a situation where there is no concrete progress on & # 39; is North Korea dismissal? What kind of guarantee can Cheong Wa Dae give Kim Jong Eun and what signals can he send? Cheong Wa Dae, who has many complicated things, is not sure whether Kim Jong Eun derived from Zoologie.

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