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Yokohama woman stabbed 71-year-old arrested for attempted murder robbery | MBS National News


Yokohama arrests 71-year-old man for attempted murder

Update: 2018-11-13 03:57

The suspect who was arrested on suspicion of attempted robbery is a suspect (71) who lives in Kanagawa-ku, Yokohama City. Omi is suspected of attempting to stab him with a knife in the waist and boat of Hirose Aya (34), an office worker who lives near him, in an attempt to steal gold from the shop in the early morning of the 11th. Mr. Hirose is slanderous for one month of displacement.

A security camera near the scene shows a man who seems to be a suspect of Omi just before the incident, and Mr. Omi can suddenly see Mr. Hirose suddenly attacked with a knife from the back.

According to his neighbors, Mr. Oh was living with his wife, and he was usually gentle, but his drinking was bad.

"A sincere person (in the neighborhood), an officer, a good person" (residents near the suspect's house)
"After admission to hospital due to cerebral infarction and continuing with a stick" (residents near the suspect's house)

Mr. Omi acknowledged the charge that he "did it to match the money." The police are investigating the details of why Hiroshi had hit Mr. Hirosse. (13th 00:46)

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