Saturday , May 28 2022

"The Elder Scrolls VI" 82-year-old package YouTuber "Skylim Grandma" to NPC! Fans aspire to | Game * Spark


Two years ago, when YouTuber from 80 years old "The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (Skylim)"Mr. Shirley Curry, who has more than 300 live action films and popularity as"The Old Scrolls VIMoving to make NPC of NPC is found under fans.

Currently 82 years old, Shirley Curry has the Guinness world record as "the oldest source of commentary from YouTuber". Even now, I'm still watching videos, and on Nov. 27, I also re-create a live movie movie "Skyrim".

While the "TES VI" is known to be E3, it is officially called later than Bethesda's new SF title "Starfield", and its release date is still over. Mr. Curry, that 't also one of them looks in front of TES VI, # about the movie version of TES VI & # 39; TES VI & # 39; Publish from & # 39; YouTube-TV When TES VI & # 39; is released, I'm 88 years old, I'm sure I can not play. "

After discovering this comment, the fans started to change to appear in "TES VI" as NPC. This campaign has approved more than 16,000 people to write down the time of the article.

In addition, there is also a prediction that the character "Genocide Eric" based on Mr. Erik West was killed by cancer at 6 months for the release of "Sky Rim" in & # 39; the works, what kind of answer the official answer Unknown. One way, I hope the wishes of fans, including Curry, will be rewarded.

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