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The disappearing Conan statue to Holmes in London, England “Report the performance of 100 parts” Of surprised by the miracle two-shot | ORICON NEWS


It was revealed on the 18th that the famous “Conan Edogawa statue” installed for Yomiuri TV, which had been missing since the 7th of last month, was on its way to Baker Street in London, England. It was reported on the official Twitter account of “Edogawa Conan”, and the famous “Holmes statue” and a photo with two shots of the place have been released.

The “case closed” disappeared on September 7, and the official Twitter account posted a photo on the same day that only the statue of Detective Boys, Conan, disappeared. There’s a sign, and it’s reported that “There’s a person who needs to report a bit … I’ll go out for a while! Conan Edogawa”, and the official tag “#Yomiuri TV for Conan disappearance case “among fans The trends of accommodations like” Where are you going? ” And “Isn’t it stealing?”

And when the memorable comic book 100 of the manga “Detective Conan” was released today, October 18, “Actually … I came to London Baker Street to report the performance of 100 parts, Sherlock Holmes” I Met You! “,” I was taking a two-shot photo! I was so excited … “and a photo with two shots of the miracle of” Holmes statue x Conan statue “was released.

On the internet, “Wow! Great! I really do not want to go to London …” “No way I went to London by sea!” “Have you met Holmes !?” “Conan” Two shots with the longing for Sherlock Holmes, “he said in surprise.

In the manga “Detective Conan” the main character, high school detective Shinichi Kudo, who has been poisoned by men in black and a child has changed, calls himself Conan Edogawa and follows the organization in black. A detective manga that solves difficult cases.

Serialization began in 1994 with “Weekly Shonen Sunday”, and the total number of comics is more than 230 million. TV animation began in 1996 and theater version animation began in 1997, and it has become a nationally popular work that the series continues to this day.

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