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Start tracking and take quick notes. “Quick memo” is super handy! : IPad Tips -Japanese version of gadget


With the new iPad OS 15 is now a feature called “Quick Memo”. As the name “quick” suggests, it’s a feature that allows you to take quick notes when you want to jot down important information or when you come up with an idea.

I’ll show you how to use it.

Start by following the screen

It only takes a moment to activate Quick Memo. All you have to do is swipe from the bottom right of the screen to the center. A new memo screen will open, regardless of the app or the screen you are viewing.

▲ Swipe from the bottom right of the screen to the center
Rapp A quick memo was displayed

You can start typing by tapping the memo screen. To use the touchpad, tap the pin icon at the bottom right. You can move the memo screen to any location you want by dragging the icon above.

▲ You can take notes directly by tapping the memo screen (like pin icon). Trace the icon at the top to move it to a position where it can be easily added

Links can be added

The app can be operated normally, even if Quick Memo is executed. You can continue to research and check on the map the places you care about.

Additionally, you can use Quick Memo to add information such as the displayed web page or find information on the map to the memo as a link. If you open the link later when you return to the memo, you can immediately refer to the screen you saw during the memo.

▲ You can operate the application that was originally open, even while running Quick Memo. Tap “Add Link” at the top left of the memo screen
▲ The display screen link has been added to the memo. When you are done writing, tap “Done”

The completion is stored in the “Notes” app. Open “Quick Memo” in the memo app and check the memo.

▲ Launch the “Memo” app and tap on “Quick Memo”. The saved quick memo will be displayed
▲ Show the quick memo. Tap the link to switch between apps and open the screen

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