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New dock included with Nintendo Switch organic EL model, 4K and 60fps output support public –Engadget Japanese version




The Nintendo Switch organic EL model, released on October 8, has a maximum video output of 1920 x 1080 at 60 fps, even when docked, and it is nominally the same as the current Switch model.

However, as a result of disassembly, it became clear that the new dock has an HMDI 2.0 port and can perform 4K and 60fps, at least in terms of specifications.

This is mentioned in the disassembled video released by the YouTube channel Nintendo Prime. Since the included HDMI cable also supports 4K, 60fps, HDR, it is speculated that Nintendo may have another model that is compatible with 4K in the future.

This may just mean that Nintendo has upgraded their HDMI port to the latest standard, and it means nothing more. That said, rumors that the company is developing a high-end Pro model and that it supports 4K resolution have been whispered in recent months, and in fact, the firmware has also found clues. Wie d’r.

Also last week, Bloomberg just released a statement that Nintendo refused shortly after announcing that “at least 11 gaming companies have kits for 4K game development.”

In addition, Nintendo said, “There are no plans for a new model other than the Nintendo Switch (organic EL model) that will be released on October 8, 2021.”in addition, I strongly reject the possibility that the Pro model is in preparation. Immediately before the release of the OLED model, let alone the rumors of a high-end model in the middle of the sales season at the end of the year, it may lead to a reluctance to buy, and it seems natural that we respond immediately .

In fact, the president of Nintendo Furukawa said in the announcement of financial results in February this year that there are no plans to announce a new model, preceded by saying “In the situation where Nintendo Switch just it highest sales volume recorded in the fourth year of its release “. I did. Since the new organic EL model was announced 5 months later, it can be interpreted that “there is also no plan to announce the new model in the span of 3 to 4 months”.

Source: Nintendo Prime (YouTube)

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