Saturday , December 4 2021

Mickey Mouse's ears are beautiful and fun iPhone case | Gadget Communicator GetNews


The design and material of the narrow mind are very real, including simple designs that undergo functionality and that with brushed skin. I'm lost, if there is only one, but I like to head like one of # fashion articles. I would like to recommend a dangerous case that is different from everyone, but Hamee has a new " [iPhone 8/7/6s/6専用]Disney character glittering TPU cassette "yen yen (no tax rebound) everyone.

"Disney Character Glitter TPU Case" is a design with "Mickey Mouse" as a motif, with Mickey Mouse's ear on the top of the case, simple, but remarkable impression. It's a spirit there's a chimney skimmer elegant.

The clear case of seeing the color of the iPhone body is three colors, . Because it's really fun and easy to do, it's a soft material, so people who are not good at deleting "dangerous things or long women with nails can be differentiated.

The rival is a Mickey Mouse motif-designed design, and adjusts when adjusting a favorite belt is also free.

In the case that details for details to be detached, there is no doubt that teen feelings are addressed. If you are interested, please check the site of "Hamee", "Hamee" Rakibawa Ichiba Store, Amazon Store and more!

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