Monday , January 17 2022

Maximum hormone, the new song "maximum hormone Ⅱ – talk about future nuddels catacotti ~" MV release


Maximum hormone has released a new song "maximum hormone Ⅱ ~ talk about future nodules katacotti ~" MV.

Maximum hormonal "maximal hormone Ⅱ ~ Talk of catamakitori of future" Music Video

The work is the second MV that follows the song "Dear Sir VAP", which for the first time in # 39; It was released in September five and a half years. According to the official website is the same song that "part II of the song" maximally known as the hormone known as seven and half a year ago as "felt the good" of fans there was a Looks nice to the eye It is said that it is an answer from Maximus Ryo comes in.

In addition, Maximum publishes the hormone "Talk of future noodles catacotttery" as a book of manga + new CD released on Nov. 28, Warner Music Japan.

"Maximum hormone Ⅱ ~ Talk of future nekjes katacotti ~"

Release information
"Let's talk about the future catacotti nekles"
※ For details, go to the special site.

"This meeting"
November 27 (Tue) Toer Omeda Marville Building 11/28 Shinjuku Book First / Ikebukuros Junkudo
November 29 (Thu) Hachioji Kumakazawa Bookstore
※ It reaches the capacity of all venues

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