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Luncheon with his Majesty the king of Jordan, Reuters Reuters


Luncheon with the emperor and the king of Jordan

Emperor and emperor, at the 26th, left the Jordanian King Abdullah and his wife, came to Japan to the Imperial Palace of # 39; The house to lunch together together. Both majesties understand that the royal couple understand the entrance hands with a rattle and pity.

In the evening the crown prince and wife received the hotel of the hotel Nihombashi in Tokyo and spoke with the royal couple. Aiko's daughter approached temporary situation on the subject, and the crown prince and woman received conversations in English with a ridiculous face.

King Abdullah is known as a family head and has visited Japan many times. The Majesty's have always been invited each time in the emperor's palace, and the crown prince and wife also met each other when they were in Jordan in 1995.

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