Thursday , January 27 2022

Liberal Democratic gubernatorial election, parliamentary vote is divided into three parts by Mr. Kishida, Kono, Takaichi.


  1. Elections of Liberal Democratic governor, parliamentary vote will be divided into three parts by Mr Kishida, Kono, TakaichiSankei News
  2. Mr. Kishida pleads with Mr. Kono in the first jab 1st R is dominant “I could expose the danger of Mr. Kono’s reform image” (Sponichi Annex)Yahoo! News
  3. Mr Takaichi and Mr Kono do not agree with the pension reform “I think it is impossible to significantly increase taxes”Sport Nippon Shimbun
  4. Kishida vote expected to flow to Mr Takaichi in Kono / Takaichi final vote, reason 20210818 –Ryoji Kutsuzawa, election dot comIn-house
  5. Liberal Democrat OB Yoichi Masuzoe “Governor Fumio Kishida Can Create an Atmosphere Like a” Pseudo-Government Change “” (NEWS Post Seven) – Yahoo! NewsYahoo! News
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