Thursday , January 27 2022

Held a public debate held by the Women’s Bureau of the LDP Youth Bureau –SankeiNews


  1. Held a public debate hosted by the Women’s Bureau of the LDP’s Youth BureauSankeiNijs
  2. “I feel like Seiko Noda has brought it to an end.” The reporter saw four candidates “find speeches” Liberal Democratic Party presidential election (ABEMA TIMES) -Yahoo! NewsYahoo! News
  3. Liberal Democratic Party President Seiko Noda “I will never block the fact that I defeated Mr Kono on SNS.”Tokyo Shimbun
  4. Visualization of Keywords Emphasized in Speech by Mr. 4 Presidential ElectionsSankei News
  5. Joint interview with Mr Kono, Mr Kishida, Mr Takaichi, and Mr Noda (Full text 1) What is the biggest problem in the presidential election? (Yahoo! News Original THE PAGE)Yahoo! News
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