Sunday , January 23 2022

Google Watch App “Bugs”: Three Solutions Available – Tenasia


Recently, some Android smartphone users have complained that Google’s clock alarm is not working properly. Many of these users claimed that the alarm they set did not sound at the scheduled time. Many of these users are Google Pixel users. Some complaints about Reddit go back a few days. This issue is most likely present in the Google Clock version 6.4 update released in March of this year. As part of that, Google acknowledged the bug on its forum and said it was working on a solution.
For those who are wondering what to do until the problem is solved, there are some solutions that can help solve the problem. All of the tips listed below are simple and do not require any special technical expertise to use or practice.
Roll back Google Clock to an earlier version
The easiest way is to uninstall the latest update for Google Clock.[設定]->[アプリと通知]->[Google時計]-> Tap the three dots at the top right,[更新のアンインストール]Just tap.

This will revert Google Clock to the previous version.
Find a great alarm app in the Google Play Store
Another option is to download the third-party Google Play Store alarm clock. There are several options available, some of which are even creative enough to solve your puzzles, math solutions, etc. Offer and will wake you up in the morning completely.
Check the Play Store reviews before downloading.
Create an alarm using the Alexa app
If your smartphone comes with the Alexa app, or if you have Alexa installed on your smartphone, you can ask your voice assistant to set an alarm at a specific time. Alexa sounds the alarm. The reason you cannot use Google Assistant here is because you use the Google Clock app to set an alarm.
Use the calendar app as an alarm clock
The calendar mainly informs users about events that are scheduled for a specific date and time. In fact, you have the option to set reminders repeatedly at a specific frequency. You can choose from daily, monthly, annual, specific days of the week, and more.
These are some options you can use until Google releases a solution for the Google Watch app.

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