Sunday , October 24 2021

"Ensure the opposition parties at work" No frustration over the controversial constitutional revision debate … Representative of the regional political party "future Japan" Mr. Akihisa Nagashima is intensive white – ZAKZAK

"Let not forget the opposition parties at work." I'm surprised with the controversy about the revision of the Constitution … Mr. Akihisa Nagashima, the Representative of & # 39; the regional political party "Future Japan", is intensively white ZAKZAK

The Amendment for Immigration Law to Expand Acceptance of Foreign Workers has passed the army home on Wednesday afternoon. Besides the criticism of 'acknowledged conviction' of & # 39; Governance, there are many ways to ask the "opposition" attitude of the leftist party. Members of the House of Representatives Akuhisa Nagashima (56, Tokyo 21), representative of 'Regional Future Japan "responded to # 39; the evening opposition and said: "The left opposition party that has not been discussed on the grounds of the National Cooperation Tactics is" Otherwise "It does not have to be a thing, we have to make a social opposition party to make a difference with the ruling in advertising ads etc. And call people. "Mr. Nagashima was sitting in hope party in the House of Representatives House in # 39; Last evening, but in May of this year the formation of the National Democratic Party was marked and marked and independent. In the last month I made a new group, with Hiroshi Kasahi (53, Kanagawa 9 paragraphs) and a "flag to be the most important of the opposition party in the midst of the political circus As a result, legislative remuneration such as amendments to the Immigration Administrative Law continue on the bargaining confrontation with the LDP "absolute" and the left opposition "absolute service." Mr. Nagashima looked at pollution, "You can not go anymore "The same is true of the constitutional amendment debate. When Mr. Nagashima denounced the objection of 'lower-office representatives or an observer, it was said that teachers could not even resolve the organizers, the & # 39; 39 were appointed as the formal requirements were fulfilled. "The Democratic Party of the Constitutional Millennium stood for the enemy of # 39; An hostile mindset of the government and refused to take a plot of controversy. If the difference between control and resistance parties may be that it should happen over & # 39; what an agenda make , The committee for action against measures against the national meeting …

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