Monday , January 24 2022

Bananaman surprised by Gekidan Hitori’s opening ceremony of the Olympic Games “I am a worldwide comedian at the same time” | ORICON NEWS


Owarai Combi Bananaman will appear on TBS Radio “Friday JUNK Bananaman’s Banana Moon GOLD” (every Friday at 1pm), which will be broadcast at 11pm at midnight. He commented on the appearance of a close-knit Gekidan Hitori at the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics.

There is also a performance in which a theater company disguised as a staff member of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games “abuses” the opening ceremony. Shizuka Arakawa played the role of praising it, and the athletes at the venue cheered.

At the beginning of the program on that day, Yuki Himura revealed: “I was surprised. I missed it.” Osamu Shitara also said: “I honestly saw it bit by bit, but I saw it done in a digest.” … When Shitara exclaims, “That’s a confirmation, but is it there all over the world?” The Gekidan Hitori is great, “said Himura,” I am a worldwide comedian, at the same time. “..

You can listen to “radiko” within a week of the broadcast to the program.

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