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«We are thin and perfect shape»


For 23 years they ate every day at McDonald's.

Tom Jones, 83 years old, his wife Pauline, 82, daily eating McDonald's. They do it. 23 consecutive years. "I did not skip the day except for the vacation period. We are thin and perfect shape.». The couple arrive at their favorite fast-food restaurant on the Southgate Street, about 2.5 miles daily to Bath in the UK. They do it by walking, walking through town shops and then having lunch.

Her husband, Tom, always eats his favorite sandwich, the Big Mac. His wife, Pauline, chooses from the menu according to his mood. "We walk 2.5 miles to get here every day. – Pauline says – We drink coffee at 8:30 in the morning, stop by the store and go to McDonald's, which is called Snack. ».

"We come here every day, seven days a week. – Add Tom – We did not lose a day in 23 years except when we went on vacation. "We want to get back here because of the friendship of people who work there every day. – He said – They are always available, and we feel part of a room that is part of the furniture as if we know who we are and are so kind. I like it in the morning because it is not as busy as dinner time. We are not a pub and thanks to the community we found at McDonald's. ».

"As for McDonald 's, it' s rubbish because it gets fat. – Conclusion Tom – We are in perfect shape, but have always adapted well to exercise, and we walk a lot ».

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