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Volkswagen: Neo arrives, electric car at entry-level prices


Volkswagen - Neo Auto Power Entry Level

Volkswagen Again, it does not betray the meaning of its name: the people's car. And always catch up with the times. So as the times change (as the diesel gates seem far away) today, everyone has seen an electric car to fight smog. Here is the news. After the unforgettable success of Beetle and Golf, German carmakers offer models that can reach at least as many portfolios as "must-have" models.

My name is Neo.

price A new compact and fully electric crossover Neo You must maintain a minimum distance of 300 km. 18,000 euros. Therefore, it aligned with that of golf Tdi. The actual impact on the market. It is also produced in Germany. All of this means that they are not only addicts to the Wolfsburg home, but also to the front of the image for reliability and durability.

Neo It must be built at the Emdem factory. Along with two other factories converted through a modular platform called Meb, the Emdem plant will concentrate on producing models with motors. Volkswagen's overall goal is 200,000 vehicles a year. One way to protect your job in Germany. And it is not just cities that have been contaminated by old diesel engines that are already banned in many cities.

Volkswagen and 2020

arrive Even on our way, this entry-level pricing model is around. For agencies Bloomberg and Reuters The Volkswagen project has already entered a very advanced stage. There are so many things to talk about marketing that we can start before 2020. Neo will be one of the representative models of the new range of baptized IDs. To achieve the ambitious goal of setting itself up until 2025, when Germans are expected to sell at least 1 million electric vehicles

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