Thursday , October 6 2022

Video messages about the Microsoft family


At the end of X018 panfest in Mexico City, Obsidian Entertainment Publish a video message to celebrate the argument. Microsoft It shows the company's "vision" that has helped rewrite the history of role-playing video games over the past 15 years.

COO Chris Parker Obsidian Video Game "A really special mix of interesting genres inspired by paper role playing games". The CEO rings him. Feargus Urquhart From 2003 until today, we will see how the company has always worked hard. "Give the players the same chance they want and make a decision that has a real impact on history".

Less important is the declaration of the narrative designer. Megan Starks, How do you emphasize it? "The narrative experience provided by Obsidian video games is based on the player himself, not the events described in stories like Fallout New Vegas or South Park..

Obsidian Entertainment is the thirteenth gem of the Crown, which has made it into the Microsoft Studios suite. 13 development teams Sight of Playground Games (Forza Horizon 4), We Happy Few, Undead Research Institute (Collapse state 2), Ninja theory (Hellblade Senua & # 39; s Sacrifice), Wasteland 2 (e Initiative, Young Software House was founded by the author of Red Dead Redemption. Christian Cantamese From the producer of the god of war Brian Westergaard.

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