Tuesday , January 31 2023

Video / Kosen Chaleche (2-3): Highlights and Goals of the Games (Serie B 12th)


We can learn from the following. highlight of Cosen-Leche The San Vito race was really filled with emotions. Guests on the 13th minute were already double-dominated by Venuti and Palombi, who seemed to have finished the game. In the second half, Piero Braglia inserted Baez and Maniero into the field, allowing the doll to be completely immersed in the first part of the game. Tutino's shotgun gave the spindle an important ball after the team scored two goals. Thanks to the wonderful Filipo Falco who can make use of Luciani's starting rotation, you can enjoy the draw of Lecce's victory goal. For Pugliesi is an important victory after last week's heavy knockout at Pescara. On the other hand, Cosenza is back in the playout area.

Click here for Cosenza-Lecce highlights.


At the end Cosen-Leche I told the owner's coach. Pietro Bra As reported on the official club website. The following are specified: "We killed each other, we made a big mistake, we misinterpreted the game, unfortunately we are always wrong, we are all guilty, we make mistakes in the game, I thought I had the roses so built in. Today's game was a summary of the first 10 games, you can not joke Falco in 2-2, And Maniero had a little backache, so he decided to give him space. The race started and he started to isolate himself, and in our situation he really can not afford it. ".

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