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Vasco Rossi, How to Meet Rocker Meetings and 2019 Welcome: All information


Vasco Rossi In September, we will have an opportunity to meet with fans again at an official meeting with the fan club at Castellaneta Marina. A new meeting with Vasco will be held in 2019, but all details will be announced on the announcement of the winners. This is Blasco's single single, Modern ageIt will be held on November 16th. Just join the 2019 meeting and say hello. Store dictionary in Spotify The new single goes out on the 16th and leaves the email and cell phone number. To do this, you must register at meantime Vasco started the presale. Next concert ticket VascoNonStop Live 2019. The dates of the four concerts in San Siro were also released. June 1, 2, 6, and 7, They will be added to Cagliari on June 18th and 19th. There will be no other cities in the concert list. Vasco chose the capital of Milan and Sardinia because he was absent from last summer's tour. Below is a video of the new singles video clip behind the scenes. Blasco.

Milan tickets are pre-sold at Thursday, November 8, For members Blasco fan club, 26 hours ahead of regular sales dedicated to all other fans. Pre-sales will be activated. From November 8 to November 9. Instead, the general presale will begin on November 9th. This afternoon, information about the reserved seats for the disabled will be released. You have to wait a few days before you sell Cagliari in advance. This i San Siro Ticket PricesDistributed by VivaTicket circuit:

Grass gold 96.60 euros
Prato 78, 49 Euro
1 ° Red ring number 96,60 Euro 2 ° Red ring number 78,49 Euro
1 ° green and blue ring number 62.79 euro

Vasco Rossi previews the new song single video released on November 16th

Next November 16 Vasco Rossi I will announce his single. Modern age. Waiting for a new issue, Zocca Rocker is working on a video clip that comes with a single video clip. Yesterday Oct. 31, Zocca rocker released a video on his social channel. Which is involved in the processing of the clip Modern ageWithin the recording studio. Orchestral version of Vasco's famous song in the background, Brava. Video clip of Modern age, Not yet verified by staff, is created by Pepsi Roman Off, A loyal collaborator of Blasco. Pepsy worked on major productions such as the following video clips: As in fairy tales But first of all, the concert film of San Paolo di Napoli in 2015 Modena Park, Breaking the world record paying the audience. A few days ago, VascoNonStop has officially announced the date for Live 2019.. Artists perform more than six concerts in only two cities. Two Cagliari, June 18 and 19, and 4 San Siro, Not yet public. Recently, Rocker wrote to society as follows. "VascoNonStopLive2019 will stop exclusively in Milan and Cagliari !! San Siro was impossible in 2018 because we had a short break in Sardinia. Last June South .. Next in Sardinia! Obviously, no? Then there will be no other cities. All in Milan or Cariari !!".

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