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Udinese, Velazquez, New Director: Nikola


David Nikola. Lapresse

David Nikola. Lapresse

Julio Velazquez is no longer Udinese. Udinese Calcio has announced that Udinese Calcio has excluded Julio Velasquez from the first team's technical guidelines. To him, Jimenez Serrano Julian, Baltanas Vicente Miguel and Huguet Cots Marc, this company's appreciation leads to appreciation for the passion, dedication and professionalism that has emerged this month with a brilliant professional future hope. "

Nicola substitution
It was in the air, but now the civil servants have also been replaced. Davide Nicola connects with bianconeri until 2020. A new technician would like to thank the club for its social profile. "I like you too, I have goals and desires: they express this color as much as they want and give everyone new sports feelings. Combine our desires and start a new adventure by changing your energy with passion! Nikola's announcement scheduled for tomorrow at 4:30 pm After his first experience as a Lumezzane coach at Legume Pro, Nicolas took Livorno from Serie A and was blinded in January 2014. As a result, Crotone's Experience On December 6, Nicolas resigned as manager of the Calabria club, and he began negotiations with Udinese again to remove the Bianconeri from the relegation zone.


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