Tuesday , May 11 2021

This is why chlorophyll is so important for our health

Many of us may not know this, but chlorophyll has exceptional therapeutic properties. It is an important support for our body. As it cleanses the organs and promotes their functions.

It is found in plants, characterized by its green pigment. Also, as we know, it is essential for her life. Because you can absorb sunlight and induce photosynthesis, called chlorophyll, which produces oxygen.


As far as we are concerned, on our organism, it produces just as many beneficial effects. This is why chlorophyll is so important for our body.

Well, it’s a cell regenerator. And it has many of those qualities that we, after knowing them, will be in a hurry to buy food that contains or eats, if we already have something available at home.

First, chlorophyll: 1) activates cellular metabolism; 2) strengthens the immune defenses; 3) combats various forms of anemia; 4) improves heart function by increasing endurance; 5) improves blood circulation; 6) it helps fight against free radicals, so it is an antioxidant; 7) helps cleanse the liver by poisoning toxins; 8) regulates the menstrual cycle; 9) it is an excellent help against unsightly capillaries and varicose veins; 10) You can lose weight by improving the drainage of excess fluids.

What foods contain chlorophyll?

Once we have made clear what the beneficial effects of chlorophyll are, let us now show what foods it contains.

Well, it is contained in all green plants. Therefore, it is present in lettuce, spinach, cabbage, rocket, broccoli, chicory, parsley, rapeseed and spirulina algae.

In addition to food, to take advantage of this very important support, we can also use supplements. These can be easily found in herbalists but also in pharmacies. This is why chlorophyll is so important for our health.

But, we will ask ourselves: “are there cases in which its use is not recommended?”. The problem could only arise for supplements, based on this substance. Especially in case of pregnancy it is advisable to consult your doctor before use.

In addition, long-term consumption can cause unwanted effects such as dark yellowing of the tongue, greenish urine and stools or diarrhea.

In conclusion, its beneficial effects far outweigh any side effects, which occur only in the case of excesses.

This is why it is revealed why chlorophyll is so important for our health.

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