Saturday , January 22 2022

"This is the only element, but it's a difficult one"


There are 11 pieces all over the world and they are very basic. No one has ever seen a scuffle that has been stamped on its own Alberto Angela, the scientist divulgates the most famous of the family, since his father Piero.

"Attenzione. This is a very small rigid, it is not the only one that has not been studied. Era stato molto complicato, avevo fatto un esame e sono stato bocciato per un punto ", rHis point in an interview with the Corriere of Life in his last book on Cleopatra, "a modern one, a world in which an ancient society" can be earned a manager of success, leader of the industry or industry ". Di suo padre dice:"As soon as you come to love you, do not miss a rapport for college, go ahead with your chest of papacy". E aggiunge: "When the law in a settlement comes to the scientific journalism and the disclosure of the universe, the universe is unique: an alphabet, a giant, one of the Latin language speakers of the language." Angelo racconta poi il su rapporto con la Rai e ribadisce su su conte conforme a la divulgazione debba eesser "fatta nella rete pubblica nazionale" anche se ne lui ne suo padre sono dipendenti. "The controversy strikes that ranks from second to last, 2-3 to 4 years. For a year or so, it's still a good reminder, "she said. Orgoglio per il suo lavoro, certo, non gli manca: "Quando il è stato cheese di trasferire Ulisse da Rai3 a Rai1 mi è sembrata una missione coraggiosa: non c'è tv pubblica ammiraglia in Europa che il sabato sera metta un cultural program ". Come on, though Alberto rimane fedle his own script and social circle: "I have many colleagues, but I have a prestigious TV show. By the end of this year, they will go to Luoghi dove to see the documentary, which will take place at Serengeti, with Leoni. No matter what it feels like on its rotocalchi, but to share it with the pies that are the ones that are not safe. "

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