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The reconstruction of Morandi – New Bridge of Genoa, supplied planks and models. The choice within a week Liguria | Genoa


One of the two Morandi bumps (photo Pambianchi)

One of the two Morandi bumps (photo Pambianchi)

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Genoa – The deadline for submission of applications has expired manifestations of interest and related projects of companies that are interested in participating in the demolition and reconstruction of Morandi Bridge.

In & # 39; headquarters of & # 39; e commissional structure A dozens of bundles and some plastic were brought. Other documentation can be obtained by certified post. Under the & # 39; The towers have conquered the gates of the municipalities, they are also from # the Cimolai group and the Salini-Impregilo consortium with Fincantieri.

The last, the 5 minutes before the end of the season, presented a model inspired by the idea of ​​a bridge developed by Renzo Piano. The application deadline also expired You want to make the guidelines for the direction of work. The mayor commissioner Marco Bucci has indicated that the winning project will be given a week.

Bono (Fincantieri): presented a project with Salini Impregilo

"We Produced" a project for the construction of the Geneva Bridge. "We are two, we and Salini Impregilo together with the best Italian skills that work with us". This was confirmed by the director of Fincantieri, Giuseppe Bono, on the line of a ceremony with MSc in # 39; e Monfalcone (Gorizia) plant. Fincantieri will be the leader? "We are two, we are two leaders." "We have done our best, we have done it in the spirit of service for the country. We do it with pride" and if we are elected, we will give it all. So the advertisement of Fincantieri. "We are also set up in Liguria – he added – we do the tests, but if there are things in the area where we are present, we feel compelled to help".

According to the learning of companies sources, the expression of importance is presented by Salini Impregilo together with Fincantieri for the reconstruction of a bridge for the implementation of Works 12 months from & # 39; the areas, work 7 days in & week and 24 hours a day, e It is based on the idea of ​​architect Renzo Piano. The expression of interest gives to Italferr, the engineering company of FS group as a designer.

The project was presented by Salini Impregilo with Fincantieri for a cost that has not yet been defined, but just over 200 million: This is what learns of companies sources that clarify how Salini and Fincantieri do not operate this operation for business, but for a spirit of service.

Based on the project, And millions of people are expected to work universe between workers and engineers. Salini Impregilo, in its more than 110 years history, has built hundreds of bridges and sciences in the world, totaling 590 kilometers of overall length. These are used in highway, automobile and railroads for more than 70,000 km of constructed transport system. Among these, some of the most prestigious authorities in & # 39; the sector received significant technical evidence received.

Currently the group is present in the realization of Many projects of different scale and complexity, the range varies from the construction of the A1 and S7 Expressway in Poland, characterized by many viaducts, until replacing the Union Bridge in New York by 50,000-60,000 cars – and the Gerald Desmond Bridge in California, one is under the highest bridges in the United States.

Bucci: "14 billion investments for the future of Genoa"

The Mayor of Genoa, Marco Bucci, writes that the future of $ 14 billion invested in # 39; the infrastructure. "There are 14 billion investments that are currently on paper, some of us already have, and are the future of our city," he says, the Pietrarsa Forum. "I have done this account – he declared -: Terzo, Gronda, sustainable mobility plan, together with the big dump, we also put the development of a fast connection between the airport of Erzelli- station and the Erzelli slope, and We would like to make the gondola between the Maritime Station and the Begato fort. "We have enough advantages in Genoa, we can not lose them due to a failure of a strategic vision," he later returned "The talk is not just for our city, it's all over North Italy, for Switzerland, for Europe, to compete in Europe." In debate is the theme of # 39 ; e Cost-benefit evaluation of major works. According to Bucci, "we must also take the vision of what our future will be, which at the end goes beyond the cost-benefit evaluation itself". "Cost-Profit Evaluation is an important thing that has always taken place before every decision has taken, but you have to do it well. A cost-benefit fee for a public work requires a vision of 30-40 years, it can not be done in the next 3 or 4 otherwise there are no results. It's a quick thing, but it must be done in a timely manner. "

A Genoese consortium presents a demolition project

Carena, Vernazza and Ecoeridania: There are also these three genoese companies among those who have applied for the communications structure for the reconstruction of Morandibrêge with a project to break down the # 39; The bumps of 'viaduct on & # 39; a Polcevera. A concert "null kilometers" among those who have expressed their interest in the offices presented and who will begin to operate, due to the Mayor Commissioner Marco Bucci, starting December 15. The action plan, explaining the companies in a note, "can be realized by the use of local resources, especially local workers." Vernazza is one of the companies that, with their large cranes, operated since the first hours after the cover for removal of the drunken. CarenaRecently, it has signed the contract for the second lot of San Benigno in Genoa, the intervention that should address the street network next to the port. Ecoeridania is a company from Arenzano that has been treated with industrialization of waste. Among the names for the demolition are also those of Italian companies Bean and Siag.

2,000 collectors collect "to keep up with" Morandi Bridge "

Almost 2000 subsidies have been collected by the signature collection to "keep preserving the Morandibridge, with 150 houses and the harbor," launched on the platform online from the former engineer of Società Autostrade Gabriele Camomilla. The engineer was the protagonist in 1993 of & # 39; s repairs of & # 39; Step 11 of Moreton Bridge. "In the reconstruction of only the divided number would restore traffic in a minimal time – the petition clamped – for example, the rebuilding of Bologna ring road by the breakthrough at the beginning of # 39 The summer is infallible, has been repaired in 30 days by a company in the construction of steel bridges.

Agreement between Crèdit Agricole and Confindustria: 50 million for businesses

Fifty million euros for companies that are being ratified by the crash caused by the disappearance of the Morandi Bridge were made available by an agreement between Matteo Zorzet, corporate and business manager of Crèdit Agriculture Carispezia, and Andrea Carioti, President of & nbsp; the small industry of Confindustria Genova. The ceiling will get power loans and loan lines, with current conditions and preferential procedures, support businesses both in actions to strengthen the financial structure and in the development of investment programs. In addition, Crèdit Agricole Carispezia provides businesses and families with the disappearance of 'viaduk activate the total uptake of free and voluntary mortgages for up to 12 months.

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