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The patient is tattooed on the back of the face of # a physician who saved his life


The patient is tattooed on the back of the face of # a physician who saved his life

A 42-year-old man, deceased in cancer After the colon and drift operated, he decided to express his gratitude and make himself tattoo on the back, as a sign of gratitude, the Face of doctor he had great timeliness save your life. It happened Argentina, in the province of Cordoba.

Reported De Voz, Nano Salguero, a man who lived in a village in the distance from Argentina, had already been tried by his general practice, killed by a suspect colorectal anchor and advised him to go to the hospital in capital. In the hospital Clinicas, in cordoba, Nano met Paul Lada, a very experienced oncologist who can smell 42-year career in the same hospital and who, after he has officially diagnosed the disease, save his life with needles.

As a sign of gratitude for the Dr. Lada, the 42-year-old decided to get himself tattoo on his back, there's the doctor's face, which saved his life and the special facade. "I will always be grateful for him and his team of doctors," he declared Nano Salguero – "I came in Córdoba Clinicas with all the worst of my life and I came out with the best. It took two months to make this tattoo, but it was the worst for the great humanity of & # 39; and doctors treated me.

After the emergency operation, nano It is still slow, but in a way to a full harbor. de Dr. Lada, which has guaranteed the good health of his patient, has set up some Argentine media: "The merit is never one, but all medical staff. It is a team that works alongside cancer patients and I'm just a link in the chain, which is important for the action and improvement of the viability of life, as in the case of Nano, in hospitals are patients, no numbers. " Last updated: 21:44 © RESERVED REPRODUCTION

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