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The first to be removed is Alessandro Cecchi Paone – Tvzap


Previous communication Time Machine Become the first competitor on TV on November 12

The host, Ilya Blasi, Announces it from the beginning of the instructions. Big Brother VIP of Monday, November 12: The 9th episode of GF has two deletions, not a single removal in Serbian. Alessandro Cecchi Paon, Stefano Sala, Andrea Manardi It will be saved and will be imprisoned in the Cinecittà house until the next direct sale.

  • Jane Alexander

    Born December 28, 1972 in Watford (England)

    Actress, presenter and model. He made his debut as a voice actor. She interpreted Marchesa Lucrezia Van Necker Beauville very popular in the "Elisa di Rivombrosa" dress fiction.

  • Ivan Cateta

    March 18, 1953 Bergamo's Bone

    Singer, songwriter, singer, and painter, he was one of the protagonists of the artistic wave that combined electronic experiments and theatrical performances in the 1970s. Italian Graffiati, which brought him great success, is an album that includes a zebra with polka dots and other old hits he has visited again.

  • Benedetta carriage

    Born in Parma on November 22nd, 1989

    Conductor and showgirl, she worked on several television programs. In 2008 he made his way to the news that he took fourth place in "Miss Italy" and refused to accept a suggestion to lose a few pounds to the jury.

  • Walter Nude

    June 2, 1970 A copy of MONTREAL (CANADA)

    As an actor and showman, he has participated in many TV shows and movies in Italy and the United States. He won the first edition of "L 'Isola de famosi". Karate's Black Belt, he is a former boxer and ex-car driver.

  • Elio climbing

    Born in Rome on October 21, 1953

    Actresses and directors have had 45 years of success in cinemas and comedies in theaters and on the big screen. He won David di Donatello twice for "Forget Venice" and "Borotalco".

  • Lisa Fusko

    Born in Naples on November 9, 1978.

    Showgirl, actress and singer. At the top of its 148 cm it says for itself: "The world's smallest subretina known for its badly finished split." He wants to be Kylie Minogue of Italy.

  • Stefano Sala

    March 28, 1990 A copy of GRAVEDONA (CO)

    It is a model and the biggest aspiration is to become an actor. He has already been active in "The Beauty of Women … A Few Years" and the horror movie "P.O.E. 4 – Black Cat" in Los Angeles. She is a "mammo", and has worked in a model called Sofia (age 4), Dyane Mello (Dyane Mello).

  • Gallia Salemi

    He was born on January 1, 1993 in PIACENZA.

    She is a model, showgirl and influence factor. He has participated in several TV programs. The red carpet at the Venice Film Festival in 2016 caused an irritation by wearing an orange dress with two dizzying slits that reached the height of the groin.

  • Fabio Basil

    He was born on October 7, 1994 in Rivoli.

    He won a 66kg inducted gold medal in the 2016 Olympic Rio and, in preparation for the Tokyo players in 2020, walked "land" before the Big Brother Red Gate directly at the Azerbaijan World Championships.

  • Mori Chita Batista

    He was born in Rome on June 29, 1957.

    He is one of the most well known Italian comedians, defining himself as an "amatrician" comedian and his career is divided into plays, TV shows and movies.


    BORGAMO was born on July 21, 1983.

    He is a chef by profession. He spent his childhood as a preferred toy for making scoops, fans, and cookies. Through working with key figures in the restaurant he arrives at the "court" of Gualtiero Marchesi and works for three years. After being popular as a chef in 2012, I swore in "La Prova del Cuoco".

  • Elia Fongro

    He was born on June 1, 1991 in ARZIGNANO (VI).

    Model and former Velino "Striscia la notizia". His career begins in the catwalk. He wants to stay in his research. But his great desire is to become an actor.


    Born in Modena on December 1, 1993

    Singer, conductor and showgirls, very different complement. They have a unique relationship and are called "independent twin sisters." As a winner of the tenth edition of "Famous Island", I participated in various TV programs.

  • Enrico Silvestrin

    Born in Rome on May 30, 1972.

    Actor, musician, singer, radio speaker and TV host. He founded his band Angony & # 39; n Cage and made his debut in the entertainment world. He made his big screen debut with Michele Placido in 1992 and became MTV's first Italian MTV in 1994. Since 2005, I have participated in numerous fictions, including the "Police District" and devoted myself to film work for movies. He returned to his first love, music, and today he works as a speaker and DJ.

  • Francesco Monte

    Born on May 20, 1988 in TARANTO.

    Actors, models and influencing factors. Former rivals of the "male and female" suitor and "famous island". The chronicle of the love story with Cecilia Rodriguez ended last year while the girl participated in "GF Vip". And now the same GF Vip has become a new starting point.

  • Valerio Meryla

    Born in Rome on December 15, 1955.

    TV host. The TV icon of the '90s, Valero, debuted as "The Hawks of the Night" on TV, and continues to be the most popular program now. The cohabitation cohort cares about him: "I am a single child, I have never shared my room with anyone"

  • Maria Hami

    Born on January 13, 1994 at SESTO SAN GIOVANNI (MI).

    For two years she joined the editorial board of as a presenter for Mediaset Networks weather forecasts.

  • Aragorn's second MARCHESA Daniela

    Born in Rome on December 15, 1951.

    It is known in television news as "The Marquis of Aragon". She graduated from Estetology and she is a reporter and style staff. As for the "Big Brother" experience, he says: "I like to observe my being as an anthropologist, I am fascinated by the possibilities I can be with others, and merge and understand in groups, be prepared to dream … life is a matter of style"

Big Brother VIP 2018, Ninth episode: First removed

After focusing on each of the three nominees, the moment of verdict arrives. This time, without the wizard, the circus number and the twist of the last moment comes. Alessandro Cecchi Paone It is a competitor of. GF VIP If someone gets more votes openly and thinks of the way they've passed (not too positive), they have to leave home after a short but very intense stay. The door separates the house of Cinecittà from the studio, and the conductor does not accompany the conductor and Ilary points to the other competitor. At this point, Blasi asks for comments on previously deleted VIPs and Maria Monsè can eventually explode. "His mask had an expiry date like yogurt!"And after finishing this pearl, it is difficult to continue.

Big Brother Vip 2018, all episodes

First episode: Intergenerational conflict

Second episode: Lory Del Santo enters home.

3rd episode: Valerio Merola outside, Maurizio Battista remained

Fourth episode: The return of Cristiano Malgioglio and the acting of Silvia Provvedi

Fifth episode: Eleonora Giorgi outside Lory Del Santo secretly stores.

The sixth episode: Corona enters the house and argues with Ilary Blasi.

Seventh episode: Elia Fongaro, Frustration of Francesco Monte

Eighth episode: Francesco Monte and Elia Fongaro fighting and kissing Giulia Salemi

Ninth episode: Walter Noodle (Fabio Basile) and Ilary become Blackberry.

Big Brother Vip 2018, Comments

First episode: 1, 2, 3. Baptists are there.

Second episode: Meteor and Crater

Third episode: Wet area

Fourth episode: Everything goes smoothly. Madame La Marchezsa

Fifth episode: er barcarolo goes …

The sixth episode: #metoo of caciottare

Seventh episode: orbi by orbi

Eighth episode: Dead City Hall

Ninth episode: Average Italian effect

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