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The Chinese scientist of DNA adapted DNA stops experimentation




China, the children of genetic madness

HONG KONG – The Chinese scientist who has strong criticism for birth of maternity matura DNA, has known a suspension of experiments. "I must present my apology for the unexpected dissemination of results," he said Hy Jiankui.

He was invented at the public conference in Hong Kong, under the supervision that "the clinical problem was podcasted by the current situation, but he defended his project.

Speech at the Human Genome Editing Summit, gave the scientist that the "study was submitted to a scientific journal for review", without specifying that magazine, and confirmed that the Southern University of Science and Technology of Shenzhen, in & nbsp; t Southeast of China, where he worked until February before the beginning of an uninsured retirement period, was unsure of the # The study he is.

Then he defended his research, he said he was "proud," and he believed he could protect the two girls, Lulu en nana, according to the names of fantasy that they have offered to contract through the HIV virus that causes AIDS.

The Chinese scientist explained in a video the methodology known in the medical field as Crispr-Cas9 for the change of DNA, which has received a lot of criticism from the Chinese scientists themselves, 122 of those denied if it opens the opening of a "Pandora's box" before it's too late.

The Chinese National Health Commission and the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology also investigated the statement of Shenzhen researcher: the deputy minister Xu Nanping, said he was "yesterday" by the statement of ' a teacher professor, "shocked" From this type, since 2003, China has forbidden.

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