Thursday , January 20 2022

The artist Banksy comes to Mudec in Milan: his 5 incredible findings


After a long wait, wait a long time Mudec of Milan trommet "A visual protest. The art of Banksy", the exhibition dedicated to one of the most famous street artists in the world Banksy He had made a lot of self about the last gimmick London, where one of his paintings was immediately destroyed after it was sold. A hand has raised the fame of artist, whose identity is still a mystery.

Beyond its latest "venture", the artist was made known in the world for the various murals that appear in a truly mysterious way in different cities of the world. the world, such as other original installations, such as "dismaland", the theme park is not suitable for kids made in 2015, or the WWeather forecast, a museum-hotel that is walled to Gaza and is designed to address the dialogue between Palestinians and Israelis.

The exhibit at Mudec will only have works by private collectors of the certified province and will try to highlight how the artist could download some political and social messages very up-to-date by his indispensable art.

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