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Sunday Closed, Sala vs. Di Maio / "The Face of Avellino", Minister "Fighetto"


The subject of the Sunday closing will be returned with an interruption. Yesterday we saw a battle between the Milan mayor Sala and the Labor Party Minister Luigi Di Maio and the Interior Minister Matteo Salvini. In summary, the first citizen of Milan is not sure that it is good and right to close a shop on Sunday, unlike the government. However, the reform of commercial closure for the seventh day of the current week seems to be not yet ready. Last month, especially between September and October, it seemed almost imminent, but now six legislation has been submitted to Parliament, one of which comes from one of the league and M5, but ok until it arrives. Anyway, the subject of closing the Sunday is complicated, as executives want. Because on the one hand you want to protect your loved ones and those who can not stay home, on the other hand you need to work and lower your shutters. The period of crisis is not really the best choice. (Updated by Davide Giancristofaro)

Salvini is also available.

Also Matteo Salvini intervenes in the debate between Luigi Di Maio and Beppe Sala when it closes on Sunday. The first citizen of Milan invited the deputy prime minister to run this clause at Avellino and received the response of M5, the political leader of "fighetto". In spite of his membership in Milan, the league's leaders supported government colleagues, as reported by Fanpage. "In Milan, I have a lot more seats than Abelino, compared to this radical, sophisticated Milan living room," Salvini added, "during the visit to Eicma," we have proposed a bill on the subject we are discussing. "Yesterday, I met with representatives of commerce and industry, crafts, and large retailers, so I talked about consumer interest and the concerns of workers who can not die in the assembly line 24 hours a day. I look forward to more respect in one of my city's markets and the capital of the world. "(Dario D 's revision of Angelo)


Cobas also intervened in a street dispute between the mayor of Milan, Beppe Sala, Minister of Labor and Economics Luigi Di Maio and Sunday's closure. The main committee criticized Milan's prime minister on Sunday, pointing out that there is no evidence that the law should be approved this year, according to deputy prime minister M5. . Il Fatto Quotidiano reported that six laws have been filed for the time being, including the Lega and M5 laws, but the risk that Cobas reports is that the law has come out of its original meaning in arbitration. Francesco Iacovone, a member of the country Cobas, said, "On all the saints' nights, workers at the Portello shopping center in Milan have died and even shutters have fallen in relation to the lives of 18-year-olds. And uncertain congressional processes can reveal failed promises "(Dario D 's revision of Angelo)

MAIO-SALA's Barrel and Answers

Luigi Di Maio's reply was received immediately. Deputy Prime Minister responded to the Mayor of Beppe Sala with Milan's first citizen who attacked him on the subject of Sunday's suspension. The political leader of the five-star movement replied on Facebook: "Mayor of Milan Sala is a rupture of the rights of people, no one wants to close anything in Milano or elsewhere, but no one has the right not to exploit anymore, is it breaking the ball of the Democratic Democratic market? ! "When Dimao worked 10% of what I did in my life, I would add another title that calls me" figure. " I have nothing to add. "(Massimo Balsamo update)

CAOS on Sunday Closed

Beppe Sala Electronics Closed on Sundays They do not get along well. Democratic mayor Mayor Harshly attacked the vote proposed by Labor and the minister of economic development, Luigi Di Maio. The first Milan citizens who addressed the Bicocca conference were saying, "Are the shops closed on Sunday, they did it in Avellino but did not break the ball in Milan?" "If I want to do it in the Abelinos, they will do it, but in Milan they are against common sense, and they have a great political issue, Think about it, do not let our model work and break down 9 million tourists.

BEPPE Sala against Rupee Di Mao

The first citizen of Milan put the Deputy Prime Minister in the 5 stars in the movement, He stressed last September: "We are carrying out many research projects and taking action for SME merchants for small businesses in addition to citizenship income. Certainly throughout the year we have a shift and timetable that will no longer be liberalized as done by the Monti government, "The liberalization is actually destroying the Italian family, and we have to regulate the opening hours." And he added: "Like many young people working in the mall from Monday to Sunday, there are parents who can not stay with their children at home for more than a day because they are in the store from Monday to Sunday, so we have to regulate the opening and closing times. It is not destined to end the controversy about Sunday school closures.

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