Monday , November 23 2020

Stocks up on US China, quarterly and automotive talks –

MILAN – A very positive session for European clothing brands, all of which are sharply closed. There are at least three reasons why they are buying at the financial markets: expectations of a repayment of trading practices between the United States and China, a series of positive quarterly reports and above all the wake-up call & # 39 ; the auto sector, the best in Europe (+ 4% the EuroStoxx 600). But you also wagered on the news that comes from announcing new stimuli on Thursday.

Paris ended up with 0.92%, Madrid 1.3%, while Frankfurt was the best with + 1.64%. The German stock market was boosted by Daimler's acceleration (+ 5%), after the Baic Chinese announced it bought 5% of a German automaker. In a slower pace, London (+ 0.56%), where the pound fell after Boris Johnson was elected new leader of the conservative party and as a consequence new ministerial president instead of & # 39 ; He went to Theresa May.

Piazza Affari ignored the IMF alarm on Italy, accelerating, closing 1.01%, supported by the Pirelli sprint (+ 8.64% with German competitor Continental, up almost 7% at Frankfurt). Prysmian (+ 5.85%) stood out among the best stocks with the highest capitalization after he received the order letter for the construction of Viking Link, the first interconnection in UK submarine cable between Denmark and Denmark, a contract of value close to 700 million euros. The industrialists and banks did well in sparse order, although the spread fell below 200 points (196 points at the end, from 201 yesterday). At the foreign foreign currency, the euro weakened and slid below $ 1.12 (worth $ 1,115, from 1,119 at the beginning and 1,122 at the beginning). The single currency is 120,528 yen worth (121 at the opening and 121.03 yesterday), while the dollar / yen exchange rate is equal to 108.123.

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