Friday , January 27 2023

Skip the wicket and enter the subway.


The nun was shot while she was busy getting on the subway. And so far nothing strange. Metropolitan RomeThis is well known and preceded by a ticket gate where travelers are required to discard the ticket. If you do not have a travel ticket, you can not enter. It works like this in every city in the world. It is not a strange place belonging to the capital of Italy. However, not all people surrender to regulations. Like this Nun From that station pyramid, He thought that he overruled what he might have considered as an obstacle.

Reported by Corey Della SerraMoreover, the consecrated resident was resumed when he was cleverly aware of himself. subway Pass through a ticket gate at the exit, not at the exit. In Rome there is a continuing battle to counter the so-called "Portuguese" keen attitude. In other words, we want to make life more difficult for people who want to use public transport, even if they do not have tickets.

The filmed nun is neither the first nor the last to endure such action. The detour of a person who belongs to a religious rally is a bit of a stir.

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