Sunday , January 17 2021

Shulz Jenny, the punishment is enormous. Invitation to the next Ronaldo on the social network: "I am glad to have advised you"

Dry, accurate and toxic rights. The perfect punishment rubbed my eyes. Cristiano Ronaldo. author? Nothing less Wachisch Szczysny, Turned into a real sniper during training. Poland. Juventus has cooled down his colleagues with the evil punishment of bringing ballistic skills to the best sniper on the street. Performance Szczesny I joked about it, posted videos on social networks and tagged captions. Ronaldo: "Thank you for helping Cristiano in penalty kick with AC Milan and advice on free-kicks." Clear the reference to the game of the Polish goalkeeper. San Siro about Milan, When a Portuguese advised his partner to dive before that Iguana Kicked to intercept the strong conclusion of Argentina.

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