Saturday , January 22 2022

Sestriere, the flow comes from Punta Rognosa and reaches two skiers who will be saved


"We could get safely when the lawn came – there were no other people when the snow came from." The two ski mountaineers perceived that they were unhurried when they were hit by a large-scale rogue peak, on & # 39; The Sestriere, broke at a height of three thousand meters. The alarm, at number 112, was launched by another ski mountaineer, which left the snow front of the mountain and two people overwhelmed by the snow. For many hours it was fear that under the snow it was buried until ten people. The situation has shown the transition of minutes to the time, to 16, in which the inspections are completed.

The alarm was eliminated around 13 and immediately moved the mountains rescue team with lavender dogs, with the dragon of fire 412, the helicopter of # 118, the read Christmas, the rising of the armor of Finance and the Carabinieri. The base for the research was organized to the area in the area Borgata.

The two survivors are doing well: "We could lose our snow from the snow," they told her.

The snowblower conducts 30/40 cm of fresh snow in a great, very wet and heavy under 1500 meter. The snow began to fall slowly yesterday and has strengthened since late afternoon and was released in & # 39; night in the evening, in & nbsp; The night, also with high winds, guests.

Another ship was captured in the Cuneo area by the Mount Carmel Mountains. The area is that of the Mozzo face, massive mass. Around 12.30 one of the components of a group was buried by the snow but was immediately asked by friends. The ambulance of 118 with the righthand technician and the sanitary supporter was then brought back and brought to hospital.

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