Tuesday , June 6 2023

Sari and Simone Inzaghi


Massimiliano Allegri wins fourth in the Golden Bench: Bianconeri has won 17 votes. Maurizio Sarri and Simone Inzaghi each scored 8 points each. As usual, consciousness arose in Coverciano. "I thank everybody, especially the company and the players, they are the players and the winners, it's always fun to be here for me, I am always excited. I am very lucky to have a staff that works very well and gets rid of a lot of work. "Allegri has a mission: to bring the Champions League to Torino:" The goal is to win the eighth championship And these blessed champions, let's see if we have a little luck on our side. "

Silver fan
Silver Bench of Aurelio Andreazzoli: A week ago, a technician exempted from Empoli was promoted to Serie A under the direction of the Tuscan Club. Andreazzoli took 30 votes last year, separating Benetton leader Lamberto Dversa (Aversa) and Pharmaco (Filippo Inzaghi). In front of Fabio Liverani (10) Paolo Zanetti (11 votes), instead of Serie C's best director.


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