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Primary PD 2019: votes on March 3


The National Directorate of Democratic Party has confirmed the settlement of the Congress on March 3, 2019, the date of & nbsp; the primary schools set to select the next party secretary (ALL SECRETARIES OR THE PD). Four goals and no votes against. The regulation, presented by the Congress Commission, ensures that the applications that are collected by 1,500 people in 5 regions are submitted by December 12. From 7 to 27 January will be voted in circles by members only to select the three candidates that will get access to primary schools. On February 3, the national convention will take place and on March 3, the ultimate premiere. The old members can confirm the membership if they vote for the club, while the new members become online membership until December 20.

Poll: Zingaretti and Minniti head to head

According to the latest Bidimedia poll, the two favorite candidates for the Pd primary, Nicola Zingaretti and Marco Minniti, head to head. Based on the collected data, none of the candidate would have the 50% throwing the threshold. The President of Lazio region gathers 40% of the # the votes, a record of 4% compared to the month of October. The former minister of Innery Minniti follows him with 38% of the agreements with an increase of 9% compared to the previous survey. The former secretary, Maurizio Martina, is third, about 9%. After announcing Matteo Richetti of races and wounded to support the candidacy of the executive secretary Martina, the candidates will be in # 39; The performance of the remaining seven Zingaretti, Minniti, Martina, and Francesco Boccia, Dario Corallo, Cesare Damiano and the new entrance Maria Saladino.

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