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Postal Savings Bonds: Rain from Occupation to a Bank Financial Arbitration

A real Italian mess is what you eat postal savings. In late 2007, the Cassation had declared that signing a voucher including the rate of charge is complete and fully equivalent to signing a contract that cannot be adjusted during work. But with the provision of February 11, the Common sections from & # 39; Cassation refuse their previous position by finding that the state can also change the rules retroactively.

From here a call of higher appeal and in various disputes, the Banking and Financial arbitration gives reason to & # 39; savers that Post Italian asks for a part of & # 39; repay the interest that was not paid but because of it. At Repubblica, attorney Marisa Costelli, deputized for Milan, declares a "Consumer Italia" association to which interested savers.

After the introduction of the decision (Editor's Note: 1999 Legislative Decree 284, which introduced the Code, established that existing relationships, Passbooks and Post Savings Bonds, were governed by previous laws), The Post Office should have coupons issued from & # 39; e Q series However, for some time, they still have to use old modules from the O and P series that indicated higher rates, but – in fact – no longer apply.
The law allowed the Post Office, until exhaustion, to use only the voucher of "P" series (and not those of the "O Series"), as long as the employee placed two stamps, one to the front and one to & # 39; a back. On the frontal stamp, the "Series P-Q" had to be written, while in the back the new proceeds had to be reported up to thirty years. Only in many cases does Poste stamp the good old one, or has it stamped in the wrong way, which only indicates the new interests, but not the annuity.

From here, thousands of visitors believed that they would have received the same income, thirty years later at & # 39; a collection they found themselves with a figure far below their expectations.

To do everything to use the P-coupons, specify l& # 39; Consumer Advocate, Posts should have made as many stamps as there were coupon cuts (from 50,000 to 5 million lire), because the annuity differs according to the invested capital. Instead, he decided to go with the interests of the first twenty years after saving: the subsequent return of the twenty-first year to December 31 of the thirtieth year did not change.

Because of the rain from calling to a financial arbitrator. How To Understand If You Are Among The Reasons Of Interested Savers That Don't could they call? Just take your old interesting voucher and check the release date, if later than July 1, 1986, you should check the series: if it is "O", it is likely that in & # 39; case of a dispute the banker and financial arbitrator will agree. to the savings; if it is "P", check that the two stamps are applied: "P-Q" on the front and the table of all new proceeds from & # 39; e Q series, from every 30 years.

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