Monday , October 26 2020

Pokémon GO meets One Piece: Pikachu with Straw Hat is now available

The new small event of Pokémon GO is finally available: when we write crossover with One Piece, manga and anime based on the Eiichiro Oda franchise, has begun, and will continue in the coming days. Let's find out what is known.

Pikachu with straw hat is the main character of the crossover events between Pokémon GO and One Piece: the famous Pokémon mascot carries the equally famous main theme of One Piece's main character. The worldwide spawn of these specimens started today at 13.00 pm July 22, 2019, and will continue until 13:00 next July 29, 2019. That you have a week to add Pikachu to Straw Hat to your collection and pick it up in & # 39 ; e PokéDex.

Other details to keep in mind: Pikachu with Straw Hat is available also in shine as chromatic versionBut still the chromatic or basic version can evolve with Straw Hat in Raichu. Self Pichu with Straw Hat is absent in & # 39; spielcodes.

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