Tuesday , January 18 2022

Piazza Affari makes a negative conclusion. Spread again – Economy


A negative day for Piazza Arpari. The Ftse Mib index fell 0.78% to close at 19.077.

The spread between the BTP and the Bund has risen. Unsold apartments climbed from 303 to 309 basis points in closing prices yesterday. Italy's 10-year return is 3.48%.

Difficult work in Mediaset, announced yesterday in a closed market: After reaching a minimum session of 2.42, the stock sold 6.8% to 2.47 euros. Last month, a very strong deal was made with 19 million transactions, compared with an average of 2.8 million shares a day. Bivione has criticized analysts' target price revisions, largely due to fear of future trends in ad sales, though at least for two years before attempting to climb Vivendi. During the day, Mediobanca's analyst with the report came back to the title of the television group, which defines the "too aggressive" market response. Sales at Mondinori managed by Fininvest: Security sold 3.9% to 1.54 euros in nine months, and the asset value of France fell sharply due to sales.

Germany: Third quarter GDP -0.2%, below expectation – German economic braking in the third quarter of this year. During the three-month period, Germany's GDP declined by 0.2%, showing a further -0.1% decline expected by economists. This is the first eviction of German GDP since early 2015. The automobile industry, which is quarantined due to the introduction of new emission standards, places a great deal of weight on the reduction.

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