Friday , August 19 2022

Palermo, Forello is no longer the group leader of the City Council Cinque Stelle Movement.


Ugo Forello It is no longer Grille's group leader in the City Council of Palermo. Officially, the movement has begun a summit regulated by its own legislation, but in recent weeks the distrust of the fact has matured in comparison with lawyers who were candidates for the market. Then a deep crack opens in five stars. The five stars may lead someone to say goodbye to the Forello of Movement.

It did not like the Palermo Grill. Forello's public defenses since the assertion of Di Maio's category. But this was the last straw. In Forello, there are many precedents the group claims to date back to the last month. Although not obvious, most members of the group object to the autonomous position taken by lawyers of Addiopizzo's founders over the past year.

If the subject proposed by Common Left to appeal the approved security legislation in Rome is not at its best: Forello disagrees with this position and approves his fellow Giulia Argiroffi without any difficulty.

Forello's post was assigned to Toni Randazzo yesterday. Randazzo was now one of the few who commented on the status of former group leaders. "Forello needs to be grateful for the work that has been done, but it is true that he often disagrees with the position of the city council, but our statute votes within our group on each subject, "From this point of view, we expected that the sense belonging to him would grow."

Forello's displeasure has long been a base for the movement, making it difficult for the former leadership. In the official Facebook profile, the five stars had to quickly formulate changes with Randazzo. Forello appears to have been unknown at the time of formulation.

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