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Outside Fabio Bacile. Andrea, Cecchi Paone, Benedetta,


Today, November 8 big bro VIP 3 Arrive at the double – ninth promise. [VIDEO] Previous and several days. As always here, live events are held to discover everything that happens in the Mediaset studio and the most cursed house in Italy.

November 8 episode preview

From 9:30 pm Big Brother VIP. Ilary Blasi will be the band of Alfonso Signorini and Gialappa as the main characters of the evening. She will work with tenants in a comedy movie to make the episode a little lighter. During the evening we will discuss the latest mechanics established at the house of Cinecittà: Francesco Monte, A little closer to Signorini's ears Julia SalremKiss in the open mouth, and is amazing.

Then Ilary continues to find Walter Nudo's partner. [VIDEO], Not in a personal relationship for a year. After postponing last week, Francesca Cipriani must enter the house to scare Nudo. Next, there will be a final response, Benedetta, Fabio, Ivan, Walter He will have to leave the game. And as usual, there will be a nomination to set up a contender to take the risk next Monday.

At 9:39 pm we applaud the studio. Ilary Blasi and Alfonso came out of the red door. The surprise conductor shows a dark helmet.

9:42 PM Ilary and Alfonso enter the house to surprise their guests (under GF's freeze). The presenter will present the contestants with a face-to-face conversation with the Signorini for 150 seconds. chat.

9:46 pm Signorini Sylvia Provvedi covers her ex-Fabrizio Corona kissing Asian Argento: "As you can see, she shows signs of comforting herself quickly," she replied: "You keep it If you can. The columnist talks to Walter Nudo: "Fariba, the mother of Giulia Salemi is crazy about you." And to Fabio Basile: "Your girlfriend is waiting for you".

21:52 Based on three days of facts, the kiss between Giulia Salemi and Francesco Monte is highlighted with a nice message about the plane.

21:57 Smile and laugh (Yes, but we are at the beginning of the episode). The VIPs in the house ask who of the four candidates is out of the house. But the trabocchetto is bad. No one reveals himself.

9:59 PM Ilary asks the four candidates for the game in a completely informal way. Ivan will not spread the word to Benedetta, Walter Nudo and Fabio Basile. Signorini: "Fake World at Christmas Eve".

22:02 Ivan Cattaneo is asked in the lead room. Iliri asks if he thinks he is going out. He replies, "Yes, I want to go out."

The singer goes to see his path in RVM.

22:07 It is time for the first judgment in the evening. The first VIP storage is Benedetta Mazza.

22:12 AD

10:16 pm VIP will give a final thanks to fellow adventurers.

Official verdict on 22:19: Walter Nudo brazenly abandons the Big Brother house.

22:24 Jane Alexander Jean and Elia von Warden brighten the actors' eyes in each film where Elijah's face is seen

22:28 Finally Jane has what she wants for a few weeks: Encounter with Elia Fongaro. The two meet in the cave. Kiss and hug. The studio's Alfonso Signorini says "I moved" in a passionate,

22:34 I entered Walter Nudo in the studio and asked, "I compare it to 15 years ago." And in a touching way, the contenders write that they will be the mainstay of conspiracy.

22:39 And she is announcing that twist by the marquee of Aragon, her 'suitor', who actually informs Walter that he is his second contender.

22:43 AD

22:47 Walter returns home, the VIP is forced to move, the competitor has to communicate who will be eliminated between Ivan and Fabio Bassilly

22:52 The officially eliminated competitor is Fabio Basile. Or so (in the studio Ilary Blasi surprises the athlete).

22:56 Freeze, the house of Diamante, Fabio's grandmother. Great feelings at home.

22:59 Grandma Diamante (Diamante) even stops freeze protocol to greet all VIPs at home.

23:01 Official announcement: Benedetta Mazza 32% – Walter Nudo 26% – Ivan Cattaneo 22%, Fabio Basile 20% said "Who do you want to save you?" Therefore, it is out of the house.

11:19 pm First video of GIalappa & # 39; s (recorded video). Is there a lack of family culture? I think about it.

23:21 Martina Hamdy and Lory del Santo (together they won) should now choose a person to name between Le Donatella and Andrea Mainardi. Two people appoint a chef.

23:26 Maria Monsè, removed Monday, Alessandro Cecchi Paone wants to face the house

At 11:30 pm Monsè can not go into the flooded river house and prevent her from hating. Cecchi Paone asks her to adjust her voice, but she does not want to know. Even Marquise intervenes to silence her, but there is nothing to do! The punished person thinks it will rob it. Signorini: "Listen to Monsèche p *** ***!"

11:30 pm Distinguished guests, there is no peace this evening. (Freeze) A small person in a social network enters. Who are you? A person who screams anyone who writes on the web like a crazy person.

11:39 pm Advertising.

11:45 pm We broadcast a new challenge quiz for the specific situation identified at home. Ivan Catania and Ella Weber are fighting for immunity against Alessandro Cecchia Paol and Jane Alexander.

23:52 3 Answer For 5 answers, Ivan Cattaneo and Elva Weber won. Competitors between Cecchi Paone and Jane will be nominated.

23:55 Walter Nudo's ascetic has not been in the Qur'an for a year after his competitor was first removed (for household use) and then reinstated at home. There was an assault on the hash tag for him. #UnDonnaPerNudo But a special woman arrived at him. Yes, Francesca Cipriani.

00:03 AD

00; 09 Walter talks to Cipriani. "You beat me, and you are a good man, and I follow you always."

00:15 Nude does not break up and I do not want to kiss Kipriani to the nude despite the ongoing invitation by Ile Blossi and Alfonso Sigernoni. On the other hand, conductors and columnists kiss their lips (a scene I had seen a year ago)

00:22 Cattaneo and Weber won the second challenge through the second nomination: the singer makes a decision not to choose Cecchi Paone well.

00:25 Eli: "VIP is a very difficult duo in the pool." And Gaff is offered (laughs). Julia Salemy and Walter Noude for Benedetta and Francesco

00:30 The removed Fabio Basile enters the studio. Signorini also talks about the external relationship mentioned in the surprise freeze when the episode begins. Bailey: "I loved her, but I went on."

00:33 The third challenge begins. The two pairs must recover three GF logos in a briefcase on the bottom of the pool.

00:37 Francesco Monte and Benedetta Mazza finished with Walter Nudo and Giulia Salemi in 1:14:19:19.

00:45 After a difficult negotiation, Julia and Walter, who were nominated in the evening, call Venedata.

00:48 Gialappa's movie is for the geeks at home.

00:51 Illiari officially nominated three candidates this week.

00:53 We accidentally used conditionals! Another twist in this episode: This week's favorite Stefano Sala has two possibilities: Leave one immunity to one of the three candidates, then replace the place name or indulge yourself. This model likes to leave Benedetta Mazza in favor.

1:03 Signorini ruins the funny gaffe of "durello": "Run the hashtag with time" #grandedurello "Until recently the gag is fun.

01:05 The end of the episode. Appointed next Monday

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