Tuesday , May 11 2021

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The Microsoft Store for Windows 10 is ready for a major redesign

The Microsoft Store for Windows 10 is ready for a major redesign

Windows 10 sil in Microsoft Store all new in the very near future, with the company to one total rework from its app store into the operating system with a new interface and useful features from both the point of view of users and developers.

According to what was reported by Windows Central, from which comes this new rumor that seems likely, given the source’s reliability on these topics, Microsoft’s idea is to carry out a deep overhaul of the Windows 10 Store, in order to to make it more open and practical to use both regarding end users then the developers themselves interested in selling their products through this service.

The design of theinterface, in terms of graphic style, should be consistent with the general processing that Windows 10 should continue with the advent of the version Sun Valley, expected by the end of 2021. This should lead to new graphics with various iconography and animations, while the Store will continue to be a monthly updated UWP app, with new features and improvements applied on a regular basis.

In between the improvements, some aspects that Microsoft developers are mainly working on are the stability of downloads and installation, aspects that even on the video game front have often caused problems in the current version of the software.

As for the functionality on the developer side, Microsoft intends to make it easier to access the store with three major changes: allow the application of unpackaged Win32 apps without the need to update them to the new format, allow independent updates for the apps on their own network and access the Store of apps referring to commercial platforms of third parties.

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