Tuesday , June 28 2022

“Never suggested to Inter, there are rumors that irritate you”


Franck Kessie’s agent, George Atangana, spoke to Calciomercato.com to map out the Milan player

George Atangana, agent of Franck Kessy, speak with Calciomercato.com to map the player’s contractual situation Milan. Her words.

“We are at the gates of the eighth day of the championship and there is all this media confusion about Kessi√©’s renewal with Milan. I do not seem to see the same approach to negotiations similar to this: there are players to pay at Inter, Marseille, Napoli, Moenchengladbach, Turin and other clubs, but we are not talking about the same energy. at the Olympics? For a major player you always need a contract worth it.There was an official offer from the club and a request from the agent, but we are talking about figures very far from where ‘You refer to Inter. Proposed for Inter? A footballer of Franck’s caliber does not have to be proposed to everyone. In any case, I have never spoken to Inter, for too long they have said the same things wrong. I’m sorry for those who’ read them, and believe that they are true. “

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