Monday , October 26 2020

"Naples and Juventus come, but he says he wants Inter"

Fabrizio Biasin, a great expert on the company Inter, spoke about the Mauro Icardi story in his editorial for Tuttomercatoweb: "Chapter Icardi (a new thing …). As part of a daily" newsletter "(" The player opened to Naples! No, to Juve! No, to Naples! No, to Juve! " the fact is that even the woman / agent brought the offers to the man / attacker ("Mauro, you have to choose") and the man / attacker answered the whole time "I don't leave Inter". propose the forecast, but it is also true that it would suggest that the couple should be scrapped until January, not even logically in favor of it. Naples and Juve when they make the offer and how much they are willing to spend it on August 3 or 4 after numbers close to 40 million, at which point it will be up to Inter to decide or not to accept (next to Icardi, of course) ".

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