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"Mourin? If you tick the lion, it grows roar …"


Luciano Spalletti, second season under the command of Inter. Getty Images

Luciano Spalletti, second season under the command of Inter. Getty Images

Seven consecutive wins, Serie A's less aggressive defense, second place to share with Napoli. Inter wants to keep the super moment, but tomorrow's game against Atalanta will not be easy. Luciano Spalletti said, "Our job is to win the championship, it is our championship, it was easy at first, then we had to get on harder, and the victory filled the courage of conviction, but we have to stay. It does not give you the advantage in the following games: Now we need to know the level of maturity we have reached. " So you should not cut down on the expense: "Gasperini is good for soccer, it affects making it more and more beautiful and modern. The power of Atalanta is undoubtedly theirs, they mount you. In fact, the fact that Atalanta does not make it to the top of the rankings, we spend money on the fact that we did not capitalize the game at the beginning of the season, they have more important numbers than we have. "

Bergamo Spalletti made the following changes: "It is important for every athlete to prepare: Explain the technician: the quality of the true champion in front of all team results, eg Joao Mario, Gagliardini and Dalbert: three of them must be praised. He remains a solid mind … Those who logically look and play are more tired: Brozovic, as a minister and extra, for what he puts in. In the game he has a game in the middle with a northern curve , We will see today that we have recovered for an important player: to get a leaderboard that we need many important players like that. We made a part of the game race and presence, but in a matter of minutes Nainggolan, completely slowed down, tried to do what was familiar to us in Barcelona. If he is a little behind his situation, it will be difficult to assess whether the team is happy with the situation.Farisshić? He is in all the numbers that rank Inter today.Don't only consider goals and assists, We are very happy with Ivan because of his performance and he almost always chooses him because he can contribute to the goal of others. "

Yub and Mu
Can Juventus, defeated by United, be an incentive for Italian contestants? "Juventus is going to win the Scudetto because of the difficulties in the Championship like Serie A. Juventus is probably the strongest player because of the difficulties like Serie A. It's clear why every other team has to try Sometimes it is not possible, and people can actually do something impossible. "Finally, Mourinho's legend," Mourinho's gesture. "He will not do it again in the cold weather, Especially emotional pressure and increased risk in certain games. Falling into a small reaction is all part of the show until you stay at this level of C & # 39; s level. Then the lion growls as the lion ticks. Anyway, the reaction of Inter fans and Moringoung brings together infinite love results. It should be a stimulus for us to become part of the same emotions. There is a constant result. You have to constantly improve and always be satisfied in personality. "

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