Wednesday , December 1 2021

Medicines warn, a batch of a known sedative has been recalled by the Ministry of Public Health: this is the reason


New facility from the Ministry of Public Health that provided for the precautionary outcome of a known anxiolytic

The Ministry of Public Health has issued a circular providing for the withdrawal of a known anxiolytic from the market. The reason is related to the presence of some allergens inside that can be potentially dangerous to health. On Wednesday, October 13, the Ministry of Public Health announced the decision to withdraw the drug “Florase Anxiety” from the market, a well-known remedy for anxiety based on a fungus called “Hericium”. The decision was made because it was found the presence of some harmful allergens within the composition and, in particular, of sulfites that were not explicitly stated.

The recommendations

If one or more product packages have been purchased, the authorities responsible for supervision and control advise to return the product to the point of sale where it was purchased. If, on the other hand, side effects occur as unwanted as unusual symptoms, it is necessary to seek the intervention of your doctor. The drug has been declared dangerous because of some substances that could harm the health of consumers. “Florase Anxiety” is a probiotic-based product with a formulation designed to reduce anxiety-related disorders.

I sintomi

This pathological condition can manifest itself through various symptoms such as a feeling of oppression, panic attacks, excessive sweating or a feeling of tremor. The mushroom “Hericium” is an element that reduces this discomfort and helps to balance the nervous system. Contamination of medicines, medicines and supplements by allergenic substances is not a situation that rarely occurs. Knowing the composition of the product withdrawn from the market is essential to take preventive action. Specifically contains “Florase Anxiety”: “Griffonia”: this plant helps to increase the production of serotonin, reduce the symptoms of anxiety, increase the mood and stabilize. “Marine magnesium”: this is a very important element to ensure that the neuromuscular and metabolic functions take place regularly. This helps keep the most common anxiety-related symptoms at bay.
Vitamins of the “B” group (especially “B2”, “B6”, “B9” and “B12”): essential for maintaining the nervous system and all its functions in balance. Keep reading …

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