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Mazzoni makes pink lady day.


Pink lady

Monday, November 12, 2018

Apple Pink Lady® It is a fruit ad. High taste. Both producers have learned to cultivate satisfactorily for consumers for years thanks to their high sensory qualities. In relation to the global supply chain, pink apples are cultivated in New Zealand, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, and Europe, so some Italians follow Pink Lady Day for two years.

Friday, November 9 For example, CICO-OsnajzoniAs an authorized distributor, we processed the garbage of the day. After the welcome of Luigi Mazzoni, Paulo Bruni, Cso Italy recalled the "low profile" attitude of the Ferrarese Group, one of the founding members of the fruit and vegetable service center. High professionalism, primality, openness. Sergio Trevisian, Commercial Director Cico-Mazzoni is a member of the group's activities, especially Apple cultivation, Katia Lupato (Mazzoni Group Quality Manager), Eleonora Barbero (Agrofresh Account Manager), Monica Artosi (Cpr System General Manager), Raffaela Donati (Slow Food Region President) , Alessandra Ravaioli (National Fruit and Vegetable Association).

But it touched. Sylvia Cardio, And the Pink Lady project, coordinator of Mazzoni brand Fresh Division products. Success story of storytelling: Cripps Pink, born 50 years ago in Australia, arrived in Europe thanks to the French company Star Fruits®. A few years later, Australia's seed owner Furming finds Rosy Glow, a more intense color that does not change the natural mutation, sensory character of the scene. Rosy Glow is 15-20% better than Cripps Pink.
In 1997, the pink lady European consortium (encouraging educational journeys at orchards and processing plants) was born with the needs of carers, producers and distributors seeking to structure the entire supply chain from plants, apples to distribution. And, in 1998, the Pink Lady brand.

"Thanks to the promotion, Apple sells more in February – explained Carpio – in fact, on Valentine's Day a few years ago, a French producer presented a rose and apples bouquet to loved ones, and then Pink Lady Valentine's Day is an apology, and the brand represents the heart shape. Marketing activities are done precisely at the end of the year, and the consumption of Pink Lady is increasing that month. "

Pink lady grows in Europe. 5,000 hectares Italy, between France and Spain. "We have 2,800 fruit growers, 11 nurseries that have diversity in France and Italy, 50 authorized distributors who are in charge of selling Pink Lady® in Italy – Lady has reached 177,000 tonnes, but the target for 2025 is 250-270,000 tonnes. "

Constant quality Allows Pink Lady to keep growing. 6% is sold in overseas and emerging markets, but by 2025 it is 10%. "Carpio's brand apple accounts for about 8.5 percent of European apple production, and Pink Lady is about 35 percent of club apple."

As for Sustainability TopicsPink Lady has always been interested in waste in harmony with respect and environment.
All affiliate producers have been GG certified with contracts in compliance with integrated production. Practices and natural solutions of organic farming are observed in the field. In addition, land water demand is monitored by software, biodiversity is preserved, sexual confusion and flowering bees are used to promote natural moisture.

Preparing for wasteIn particular, one of the many things that support Pink Lady is that the whole apple production is worth it. "For example, with the renewal of varieties with Rosy Glow – referred to as Carpio – as well as Pinkids, A small apple was dedicated to the children. Crips For those who value the taste regardless of color; Miss ChefCooking apples. Also, Discolored / green product It is intended for juice processing in the confectionery industry. In this regard, we are increasingly interested in branded products that have been transformed into the Pink Lady brand.Examples: Mila, Tropicana, Vog, etc.). And he – in terms of waste, again, 90% of the Pink Lady Europe packaging center has a waste prevention system: Solar panels, Water recycling".
Then visit the Mazzoni nursery school where a short detour to the Pico-Carrot conditioning center, strawberry seedlings are processed, and Pink Lady who visits Op Cico's packaging center as an orchard at Zenzalino Estate. Pink lady apple producer Luca Colombani.

Meanwhile, last Friday at Cesenate Apo group group Invited producers, supply chain operators and Gespep Garibaldi, Cesena's Institute for Agricultural Research, provide important formative moments for fifth graders. "Pink Lady Day celebrates the beginning of a new apple campaign filled with rosy colors. Elenio Bastoni We have also announced in our region the characteristics of a major comprehensive project that can integrate all the components of the supply chain: breeders, nurses, fruit growers and distributors from Italy, Spain and France. "
The initiative to raise awareness of the Pink Lady® apple world dates from the producers to the value of the fair trade chain based on orchards, packaging stations and unique models this year. For example, on November 5th Salvi Unacoa Group (A licensee of the Pink Lady® brand for marketing), Afe managing the packaging on the Ferrara site,Op Minguzzi Alfonsine (Ravenna), which produces and sells 7 to 7,000 tons of pink lady apples annually,

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